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With “Perfect Diet” you lose around 11 – 15.5 lbs per month (the loss of fat depends on the individual and their discipline), without feeling hunger.
You don’t count calories, nor weigh foods, nor feel stress, anxiety, or panic.
The meals you eat are simple, easy to make, and cheap. Even a bachelor student can prepare them.

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The blood tests, after following the “Perfect Diet”, are dramatically improved! That’s what is shown by the irrefutable and objective examinations of our friends, who compared their blood tests before and after following the “Perfect Diet”!

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How it works...
Each week we send you your personal nutritional advice in your personal email address.
We explain to you everything in detail, so that you feel you’re in secure hands at each step that you make.
You write e-mail messages to us for your questions, and we answer immediately. If there is some urgent issue, we can talk through Skype or over the phone.
If it is possible for you, you can also visit us at our premises, at Helioupolis - Athens Greece. We can have there a face to face session, weigh and determine your fat.

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To start our cooperation, and in order to compile your personal record with your history and progress during our cooperation, we would like to have some information about you, strictly for our personal use.

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